Kids Care 15 0028

Kids care is open from 7h00 to 18h00 on weekdays. The children can arrive at leasure as long as it is in their percentage of attendance. (60%, 75%, 100%)
Parents should still inform the team in case of late arrival or early departure.

7H TO 8H

Each child is welcomed individually and it is the educator on duty who encourages this smooth separation from the parent.
Breakfast is offered for the children who wish, and then its quick, calm free play.

8H to 9H

Reception of children continues, the older kids are in free playtime. The little ones are fed and put to bed if necessary.

9H TO 10H

Pampers are changed by the educator who arrives at 9h.
Most children have arrived by this time and, together it is tiding up time, packing away of toys etc. to prepare for the rest of the morning.

We then regroup for a moment of songs and stories in the singing room. For the smaller kids this time is shortened due to their reduced ability to focus, which also favors a privileged time with the older children.
When finished with each group, they head to the dining room to sit at the table and have their morning snack (fruit and a glass of water).

10H TO 11H30

This time is made available for semi led activities or, outdoor walks, playing in the garden, arts and crafts etc.
The walks are always first priority if the weather allows.
During this time the babies are fed and changed.

11H30 to 12H15

The different activities are at an end of the morning and we tidy up together.
A return to calm is set out before lunch, the smaller kids are sent in to the dining room first then the older kids. Everyone eats together at this time including the teachers.
We have 3 tables which are adapted to the children, the children are distributed according to there age accompanied by one or two adults.
Each child is asked to taste each food in order to expand their sense of taste, without having to completely finish their serving.
If necessary after a period of time the children may be served a second helping if they wish, dessert is served in proportion to the amount eaten before.

12H15 TO 12H45

This time is dedicated to daily health with the changing pampers, toilet time, brushing teeth and washing hands and faces.
Children then get ready for bed by taking off their pants, skirts and jumpers, in order to be comfortable in bed. They then head to the nap room with or without their transitional objects where they can choose where to sleep. The babies have their own nap room with beds adapted and attributed to each child.
A staff member from the educative team supervises each of these steps.

12H45 to 14H

An adult stays with the babies in order to reassure so they may sleep, if necessary with additional aids such as that of a musical mobile for example.
Two adults are present in the sleeping room of the older children to promote a calm atmosphere for falling asleep.
Each child may leave the sleeping room once they are awake. Some parents ask their child to be awakened at the end of certain duration, for others we resect their sleep pattern.

14H to 15H

Children wake up gradually, the educational team accompany each child in there waking up process by helping them redress, toilet time, and changing of pampers and guiding them to the main play room.

15H TO 16H

This time is again made available for free play activities or semi organized such as outdoor activities, creative or cognitive.
The principle playroom equipped with different play spaces remains available for children who do not wish to participate in the proposed activities.
Babies are fed their afternoon snacks at this time.

16H to 16H30

Once each activity is completed and the crèche tidied up, children can take a place at the table for their afternoon snack, which is fresh fruit and either a sweet or savory snack. A snack is also given to the babies if not done beforehand.
Snack ends, each child have a wet cloth in order to clean their mouth and hands, always supervised by an adult. Once again toilet time for the older kids and the babies pampers are changed.

16H30 TO 17H30

This is once again play time either organised or semi directed. The principle playroom remains available for the children who do not wish to join the proposed activities. The first children to be collected by parents gradually begins, each feedback is discussed with the parents about how the day went by an educator. The crèche is fully tidied up and prepared for the next day.

17H30 TO 17H45

At this time the children are grouped together and a return to calm which involves either a story, or songs. The departures continue.

17H45 TO 18H

The final feedbacks concerning the day’s activities are done. Closing of the crèche.